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Knitting Patterns

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Boxy Sweater to Knit
Captiva Cardigan
A-Line Tunic to Knit
Captiva Cardigan
Captiva Cardigan to Knit
Sanibel Tee
Sanibel Tee to Knit
Moss Stitch Jacket
Moss Stitch Jacket to Knit
Elbe River Sweater
Elbe River Sweater to Knit
Honeycomb Cardigan
Honeycomb Tee to Knit
Lupin Sweater
Lupin Cardigan to Knit
Bretton Sweater
Bretton Sweater to Knit
Long Cardigan
Long Cardigan to Knit
Gossamer Jacket
Gossamer Jacket to Knit
Flared Sweater
Soho Sweater to Knit
Flared Sweater
' Fur' Hat & Loop Scarf to Knit
BIG Sweater
BIG Sweater to Knit
Lace Tunic
Lace Tunic to Knit
Chelsea Cardigan
Chelsea Cardigan to Knit
Lisbon Shrug
Lisbon Shrug to Knit
Summer Sweater
Summer Sweater to Knit
Flared Sweater
Lightly Flared Sweater to Knit
Black dress
Little Black Dress to Knit
Black dress
Quick Jacket to Knit
Ridged Jacket
Ridged Jacket to Knit
Hobo Bag
Crescent Hobo Bag to Knit
Manhattan T
Manhattan Tee to Knit
 EZ Cardigan
EZ Cardigan to Knit
 City Cardigan
City Cardigan to Knit
Cable Cardigan
Cable Cardigan to Knit
Loop Scarf
Loop Scarf to Knit
Featherweight Wrap
Featherweight Wrap to Knit
Roman Wrap
Roman Wrap to Knit
Nottingham Shrug
Nottingham Shrug to Knit
Drape Front Vest
Drape Front Vest to Knit
Soft I-Cord Necklaces
Soft I-Cord Necklaces to Knit
Side-to-Side Cardigan
Side-to-Side Cardigan to Knit
Leg Warmers
Leg Warmers to Knit
Skinny Scarf to Knit
Skinny Scarf to Knit
Cropped Swing Jacket
Cropped Swing Jacket to Knit
Flared Tank Top
Flared Tank Top to Knit
Bomber Jacket
Bomber Jacket to Knit
Starry Night Cardigan
Starry Night Cardigan to Knit
 Cape Cod Cardigan
Cape Cod Cardigan to Knit
 Lotus Leaf Scarf
Lotus Leaf Scarf to Knit
Lightweight Hoodie to Knit
Reversible Afghan to Knit
Newport Jacket
Newport Cardigan to Knit
Wrap Jacket
Wrap Jacket to Knit
Swing Sweater
Swing Sweater to Knit
Kimono Sweater
Kimono Cardigan to Knit
Summer Top
Summer Top to Knit
Casual Cardigan
Casual Cardigan to Knit
Saratoga Shrug
Saratoga Shrug to Knit
Vest with Collar
Vest with Collar to Knit
Hooded Swing Jacket
Hooded Swing Jacket to Knit
Lightweight Jacket
Lightweight Jacket to Knit
Penguin Sweater
Penguin Sweater to Knit
Capri Top
Capri Top to Knit
Men's Roll Collar Sweater
Men's Roll Collar Sweater to Knit
Round Neck T Shirt
Round Neck Tee to Knit
Square Neck Tank Top
Square Neck Tank Top to Knit
Aran Vest
Aran Vest to Knit
Alpaca Hat & Scarf
Alpaca Hat & Scarf to Knit

Rainbow Hat & Scarf

Rainbow Hat & Scarf to Knit
Beaded Hat & Scarf
Beaded Hat & Scarf to Knit
Cap Sleeve Sweater
Cap Sleeve Sweater to Knit
Three Button Vest
Three Button Vest to Knit
Two Piece Sweater
Two Piece Sweater to Knit
One Piece Sweater
One Piece Sweater to Knit
Owl & Pussycat Sweater
Owl & Pussycat Sweater
Queen of Hearts Sweater
Queen of Hearts Sweater
Humpty Dumpty Sweater
Humpty Dumpty Sweater
Child's Fairy Tale Sweater
Cow Jumped Over the Moon
"Tube" Hats
"Tube" Hats to Knit
Cashmere Hat & Scarf
Cashmere Hat & Scarf
Striped Tote Bag
Striped Tote to Knit
Winter Hats
Winter Hats to Knit
VERY EASY Hat to Knit
Winter Sweater
Winter Sweater
Child's Pullover & Vest
Child's Pullover & Vest
Child's Winter Sweater
Child's Winter Sweater
Christmas Tree Decorations
Christmas Tree Decorations
Holiday Decorations
Holiday Decorations
Pocket Pals
Pocket Pals