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Useful Links

The following sites provide knitting and crochet tips,
lessons,chat rooms, message boards, and other resources.

cgoa Logo

The Crochet Guild of America - A not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art of crochet with "lessons for both right and left handers".

Knitting Guild Logo

The Knitting Guild of America - Home of knitters worldwide! Lessons, bulletin board, links, etc. – compiled by The Yarn Craft Council of America (see below), provides knitting and crochet terms and abbreviations, information on sizing, yarn weights, gauge, skill levels and much more.

Craft Yarn Council Logo

The Craft Yarn Council of America - Supports sharing
the fun of yarn crafts, and will respond to knitting and crochet questions.

Knitting Help and Instructions: 101 A Beginners Resource Guide

Crochet Help and Instructions:


Nylon Corset Boning:
dragontown corset - flat-boning by the yard

Bag Zippers:

Separating Zippers:

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